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Being born in Australia with a lust for travel from parents with Maltese, Greek, Dutch Heritage.

Travel has been a big part of learning, exploring and stepping into the wonderful adventure of life. 

Qualified as a trained nurse and photographer for many years, her commitment to following her passion eventually led her to the Amsterdam School of Biodanza

Now as a Biodanza Facilitator since 2013, Josanne  has offered Biodanza to Adults and children in Holland and on her regular travels to Australia and Greece. She recently took a year sabatical in 2017/2018 where she volunteered Biodanza for children at in Nepal and also at Maricas school in Hyderabad, India.

She has conducted regular Classes for Children since 2013 in Amsterdam, and over the years offered various workshops with Adults.

Biodanza works with the Biocentric Principle that all life is sacred. This allows for integration toward wholeness and acceptance. Living life in the here and now in connection with self, others and the universe as a whole. It let the sunshine in!