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Kids Biodanza

Kids Biodanza is movement, dance, games,  and connecting using many different types of specially chosen music and varied themes.
Biodanza is one of the ways that enhances children to develop in a healthy way. Scientific research has proven that creative dance classes such as Biodanza can improve children’s physical and psychological wellbeing. Stimulating their expression of identity.
Biodanza with children is an integrated dance program. It has proven to have a positive outcome in encouraging children to be creative and have the confidence to express themselves fully. Also Children can develop the ability to communicate more effectively to one another.


Physical assessments showed that the children had:
* Increased lung capacity
* increased flexibility, which helps prevent injuries to muscles and joints
* Increased aerobic capacity, became generally fitter

Psychological assessments showed:
* Increased self esteem
* Greater intrinsic motivation (the ability to please themselves rather than looking for outside rewards
* Positive outlook towards other children, themselves and dance


Kids Biodanza Classes

Weekly classes at British school Activity club, Amsterdam

Kids Biodanza Parties

Choose a specific theme to suit the birthday Child and a class is designed especially to suit the occasion

Comments from Parents

My daughter had a dream party with Josanne: the girls chose to be pink ballerinas and for one hour they had a wonderful Biodanza-Ballet session!

Josanne was perfect in entertaining them with dances, soft movements, games and different activities!They just loved it! As a mum, I had all the time to prepare treats, drinks and candles on cake, while the ballerinas were flying around the room! Thank you Josanne


Thank you Josanne  for making such a perfect party for my daughter. You truly helped to make a party she and her friends will always remember

Best Wishes Jane

Mobile: 0648919505